How To Know My Public IP Address In 4 Steps

Some people that do not too perceive regarding pc networking they’re going to get confused with this question “How to understand My Public IP Address”. truly this method was straightforward, however perhaps a number of you did not get clear information what’s the real Public IP Address.

Some of my friends (they have a touch background regarding IT) after I raise “How to understand your Public IP Address”? they’re going to answer “Ah I even have a web connection”, or “I have a private router and that i can configure it by myself”, or “I assume yes I even have a public IP Address” 😛

When you have an online connection, otherwise you have a personal router, does not guarantee that you simply even have a public IP address, as a result of most of the internet supplier they {will|they’re going to|they’ll} share and divide the bandwidth into some pieces (the internet provider will do the calculations, you’ll be able to ask them regarding this 🙂 ). sometimes you wish to spend some cash to get/rent this public IP address and also the value is beyond usual/normal.

Step by Step a way to recognize My Public IP Address:

Before begin, if you’ve got a router, switch or different network intermediary undoes it initially. ensure your pc connected to the internet supply.

  1. The box below can show your current public IP address.Your Public IP Address is:
  2. Open command prompt in Windows or Terminal in Linux and type ipconfig.

or you will use this code (in Windows):

ipconfig pause(); copy and paste the code above into your notepad and save as ipconfig.bat.

Remember: once save as ensure once notepad asks “Save as Type” you decide on “All Files”

How To Know My Public IP Address In 4 Steps blogsretro

Public IP address

  1. this can be your pc current ip Address:
  2. If your pc current ip address and also the box up the first step have a similar result, then you have got a public ip address. If not, then you did not have public ip address.
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